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Barbie Video Game Hero (2017)
Year, country:
Conrad Helten, Ezekiel Norton (as Zeke Norton)
Erica Lindbeck, Sienna Bohn, Shannon Chan-Kent
1h 12min
Beauty Barbie regularly gets into some exciting adventures. She searched for untold treasures, helped friends, was a princess, secret agent, diplomat, sportswoman, popular performer and fairy. Barbie had to even visit other planets. Everywhere this lovely beauty won and left a good memory after herself. At the risk of her life, she was looking for ancient treasures, had time to be a champion in gymnastics, reincarnated in a variety of princesses, fairies and mermaids, than she could conquer the hearts of many spectators. Barbie also acted as a rock and pop singer, secret agent, and even visited another planet. This time the adventures will take place in her favorite video game, where she will move from her room. There, Barbie discovers that she turned into a very funny character on roller skates. In the game, she will meet new friends - a nice little character in the form of a cloud named Milashka, as well as a princess on roller skates, called Bella. Now they must go through all levels together. "Barbie: The Virtual World", the gorgeous pupa got into a new environment for itself. Now the beauty is a character who skates on roller skates. Of course, Barbie became friends with Princess Bella and Milashka. Barbie really liked the virtual world, here all are so kind and nice. Insidious and envious Smiley wants to capture the Internet world and establish its own order in it. Of course, Barbie can not allow this. Beauty should now go through all levels of the game to defeat Smiley and his henchmen. Watch free movie animation,2017 Barbie Video Game Hero (2017) online in FreeMovies4k.org.