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Gold (2016)
Year, country:
Stephen Gaghan
Matthew McConaughey, Edgar Ramírez, Bryce Dallas Howard
Kenny Wells - a real madman and adventurer, he always gets involved in a variety of adventures, bringing endless difficulties and troubles. He decides to make a desperate step. Wells goes to Indonesia to find the treasured gold vein there. Many people dream of unthinkable wealth, the main character of the movie "Gold" is also no exception. However, to achieve this goal, it is committed, is not going to sit in stuffy offices or spend days in deaf traffic jams. After all, Kenny Wells used to proudly call himself a gold prospector. The guy shined his whole life with this occupation. However, treasure remained somewhere in dreams. But even this absolutely did not upset the unfortunate, because the main thing is to believe in yourself.The central character invites to join his friend Michael, who is a similar loser. Inspired mates come to the Indonesian land and immediately break a small camp. Without losing precious minutes, the main characters are taken for a quest. The research process is rather difficult, because gold miners are constantly faced with various obstacles. But the trouble is, to organize searches for minerals is also very costly. There were sponsors who gave funding for the implementation of this activity. After a series of constant failures, people stopped believing in the success of this idea. So, hope was now only on their own.  Initially, nothing foreshadowed the success, disappointment swept the guys. Will they again have to return home with nothing? But it was not there, it turns out, fortune decided to smile at them!But, despite the difficulties, friends continue to move towards the goal. There comes a day when men's attempts are crowned with success. The life dream has finally come true. Big money invariably comes in tandem with gigantic problems.
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