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Altamira (2016)
Year, country:
Hugh Hudson
Antonio Banderas, Clément Sibony, Rupert Everett
1h 37min
Historical drama directed by Hugh Hudson, dedicated to the personality of the Spanish archaeologist-lover Marcelino Sans de Southuola. The most significant achievement is the discovery of Altamira cave, which is located in its lands, famous for its unique collection of prehistoric art. Since childhood, fond of the natural sciences, he began to experience an increased interest in archeology after visiting Paris, where he met with samples of primitive weapons.  In 1879, on one of his visits to the site of research, he took his daughter Maria, who accidentally discovered a rock painting on the ceiling of the dungeon. Detailed analysis with the involvement of a solid specialist - archaeologist of the University of Madrid, Juan Vilanova-i-Pierre about his discovery.The ancient paintings were executed very qualitatively and perfectly preserved. Southuola heavily reacted to this outcome of his work and until the end of his days he was forced to live with the brand of a deceiver, rehabilitated...