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The Chamber (2016)
Year, country:
Ben Parker
Johannes Kuhnke, Charlotte Salt, James McArdle
1h 28min
Mats is a pilot of an abyssal bathyscaphe in an international experimental ship in the Yellow set. A disagreement is made, and in the plane of elevation can not very much all without exception. Research vessel sank, which became a trap. There is not much oxygen left, water gradually fills the holds, compartments, cabins. The captives involuntarily begin to recall the past life and the reasons why they were here. When charges are pouring from all sides. Is it worth expecting treachery from those with whom you are side by side?The Swedish submariner Mats and a team of three engineers carry out a secret mission in the Yellow Sea. They, being inside the technological bathyscaphe, sink to the very bottom. The bathyscaphe gets seriously damaged chamber. The air is gradually over, which causes claustrophobia attacks and, in addition, one engineer received a heavy wound from a metal bolt that shot him like a bullet. Camera of the native bathyscaphe that will become for them a fateful grave.