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The Ticket (2016)
Year, country:
Ido Fluk
Dan Stevens, Malin Akerman, Kerry Bishé
1h 37min
Dan Stephens an actor of the first magnitude who can act on an action thrille. Main motive of your entire subsequent life - the pursuit of previously unavailable pleasures or the procession in the struggle for a better world that submitted to you, but is still completely inaccessible? This fundamental question is the main theme of the dramatic of a man who has received his sight, but remains blind to the real values of human life. While James life was simple, understandable and very warm, because there was a faithful wife and loyal friends nearby. One day the hero received a lucky ticket from the heavenly powers and in an inexplicable way saw the light that paradoxically pushed him towards the darkness. After his insight James wanted to try a new life - a higher salary, a comfortable house, a luxurious car, fashionable costumes, and for all this fascinating and beautiful tinsel. A man pushes away everything native and precious, but attracts all the brilliant, material and superficial, happy ticket in the end brings only misfortunes and misfortunes ...