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The Lost City of Z (2016) HD
The Lost City of Z (2016)
Year, country:
James Gray
Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller
2h 21min
In the center of the new exquisite film of James Gray is the eponymous book by writer David Grann who dedicated his work to the figure of the famous traveler, explorer, cartographer, war hero Percival Fawcett and his latest mission. Parsi was famous throughout Britain long before the final chapter of his life - travel to mythical city of Zet. A soldier, a researcher, a scout, a topographer, a traveler, a charismatic man, a real English gentleman. Three decades, trying to find the trail of the legendary place Z. Team of Scouts, Pathfinders and even drew his son Jack to the mission. Quest was conceived as an epic event, so it turned out. True questions remained more than answers. On May 19, 1925, the scout telegraphed to his wife that tomorrow, along with his comrades, he set off on the unknown territories of the southeastern Amazon towards the main goal-Z. They write volumes of research, analyze the map, make assumptions and shoot a movie. The presented movie masterpiece did not just appear, because the legendary Zet and the missing expedition as m agnitis attracts adventurers, adventurers of different suit for almost a hundred years. Someone repeated the unenviable fate of the missing unit..