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The Circle (2017)
Year, country:
James Ponsoldt
Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, John Boyega
1h 50min
A girl named May Holland recently graduated from college. Now she gets a job at the corporation. Leaders provide their employees with a separate comfortable housing. Also in this organization there is a good gym, the latest technology. There are recreational activities, parties and more. The company is engaged in the development of various technical innovations. They must solve the problems of mankind and make a powerful technological breakthrough. They also develop drugs from various incurable diseases. Getting rid of secrets, stopping to withhold knowledge and information, you will finally be able to realize your potential. At first everything here seems interesting and beautiful. There she meets Calden. Between her and a young man, a love relationship is established. But soon, May begins to suspect her employer of dishonesty. Strange things happen here. Kalden strongly hides his real name. In addition, its true purpose in this corporation is unknown. He's obviously hiding something. When the girl just got a job, then the institution just started a new camera. The life of a person using such a device is in the palm of your hand. But why do members of the company monitor their customers? What do they want to find out? Soon such equipment must be carried to the girl herself. All this looks rather strange. May creeps into suspicion that the corporation pursues some of its criminal goals. They carefully conceal criminal intentions under the mask of decency and help to the population. The girl is to find out.