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Deadly Delusion (2017) HD
Deadly Delusion (2017)
Year, country:
Nadeem Soumah
Haylie Duff, Mike Faiola, Teri Polo
1h 24min
Julia has always differed from those around her with an unusual ability to attract her, like a kind of powerful magnet, all sorts of troubles. She tried to seclude herself, to withdraw as much as possible from the surrounding world and live inconspicuously and unattractively, but the problems did not leave the loser alone, pursuing incessantly. Then the long-suffering person makes an attempt to radically change the existing existence, throwing back past achievements and incorrigible mistakes. Together with a loved one she leaves her hometown and leaves for a huge, crowded Los Angeles. Everything looks different, there are hopes that incredible dreams of human happiness will begin to come true little by little and the couple in love will be able to build a prosperous, joint, successful future. Julia and her boyfriend settle down in a new place and begin to adjust little by little to unfamiliar, different from habitual habitat conditions. However, soon strange, inexplicable phenomena begin to occur in the acquired house. Arriving settlers are trying to figure out what is happening, to find out who is not giving them peace, creating intolerable problems, for which they pursue, not allowing them to live a quiet, ordinary life. Once exhausted by constant troubles, Julia realizes that her own demons are everywhere chasing her. Moving to another city did not solve past problems, they moved here with her and will never stop. A devastated, frustrated woman needs to find a way to deal with her misfortunes until they lead her to suicide or deprivation of reason.