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Te Ata (2016) HD
Te Ata (2016)
Year, country:
Nathan Frankowski
Q'orianka Kilcher, Gil Birmingham, Graham Greene
1h 45min
Not many people are bold enough to dedicate their supreme years to unquestioning service to their own ideals. On the material without caring for prosperity, they are experiencing exclusively about spiritual values that seek to preserve and multiply, applying a lot of effort and psycho-emotional costs to achieve the goals. The biography of an ordinary girl belonging to the Indian indigenous Chikaso tribe, who once lived a free life on American lands, was not easy and contributed to gaining fame in certain historical circles. Since childhood she has been watching the injustice that is hovering around fellow tribesmen. An enterprising, energetic and motivated person managed to rise to the same level with the largest educators, advancing the cultural values of small, endangered nations.<br>The woman is successfully engaged in promoting her own ideological convictions regarding the traditions of Indians, which are forgotten by new generations, who were famous for their great devotion to age-old customs, many decades from their grandfathers passed on to their fathers. Her path was a famous enlightener, she began through direct communication with people, traveling through the vast territories of his native America. In various localities, she gives mass performances, where she performs traditional, folk songs and ritual, rhythmic dances, accompanied by narrations of ancient legends of the Indian people. The path to world recognition and universal recognition of the correctness of the chosen road was very long, accompanied by numerous problems, because initially the society refused to take the young propagandist seriously.