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Red Christmas (2016)
Year, country:
Craig Anderson
Dee Wallace, Geoff Morrell, Sarah Bishop
1h 22min
In a small town, located in the southern part of America, lives an ordinary family, which has good relationships with neighbors and longtime colleagues. Parents spend a lot of time on their professional activities, staying in the workplace until late in the evening. They do not have enough time to socialize with children who, under the strict supervision of their parents, are always at home. On the eve of the Christmas holidays, the family plans to all get together and spend time cheerfully at a large festive table. For the organization of joint family pastime, adults find a picturesque place outside the city and rent a small house for carrying out the intended similar events. All household members are in joyful anticipation of unusual New Year holidays and are building all these plans for these days. Adult members of the family are bought gifts, food for the preparation of a festive feast and other attributes of the New Year's celebration and go to a rented cottage to enjoy communication with loved ones in a quiet, cozy atmosphere. In the midst of the noisy fun on the threshold of the house, a strange man suddenly appears, who, out of a sense of hospitality, has to be invited inside. At first the stranger seems to be a calm, balanced person, but it soon becomes clear that this is a dangerous criminal, wanted by law enforcement agencies, with maniacal inclinations. The owners realize too late that the fatal mistake was made by letting the criminal into the room. Joyous environment is replaced by a monstrous nightmare, reminiscent of a bloodbath. The killer is accepted to kill present one by one, detailing the reasons for his action.