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Favorites Survival of the Dead (2009)

Survival of the Dead (2009) HD
Survival of the Dead (2009)
Year, country:
George A. Romero
Alan Van Sprang, Kenneth Welsh, Kathleen Munroe
1h 30min
However, it must be frankly noted that the "Survival of the Dead" does not contain too many moments of joy. All normal dudes have already realized that the dead must be destroyed immediately, and also without sentimentals to knock out the brains bitten. But on a small island, which limits the number of dead and generally good, there lives a greyhound, who believes that the dead can not be killed. He tied them to a chain and hoped to re-educate. Okay, he would be alone, because for some reason he is supported by a large group of brainless living. With him is fighting a local vigorous peasant who breaks into other people's bedrooms and knocks out brains to different zombie wives, zombie kids and other zombies, whom abnormal people leave in ... alive? Hahaha. The daughter of a fighter with an infection for some reason does not support his father. She could win a prize at the contest "The most ridiculous character of the year", but I again think that it's not evening yet. The girl constantly makes speeches that it's time to stop the fratricidal war, that her father does not understand something, that one can not just kill a zombie like this. Her arguments cast a reasonable viewer into bewilderment. A cheerful grandfather is banished, and he begins to earn what the poor fellow robes, believing that he knows a quiet place where there is no zombie. His legend also buys a detachment of wandering military men, who will soon be on the island. The stupidest spectacle, partly bathed in the fact that a pretty exotic lesbian masturbates. There is not even played an anti-religious card, although a fan of dead people and utters a crumpled speech that the Lord is leading him! Attempts to feed a zombie horse and twin sisters are beyond the perception of developed intelligence.