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Riddle Room (2016) HD
Riddle Room (2016)
Year, country:
Bryan Binder
Joe Cady, Peter Carey, Barbara Epstein
1h 20min
"Riddle Room (2016)" - the plot of the film is unfolded in one locked room, where they hold a girl named Emily. In this terrible place she was taken by two outsiders, faces were hidden under stupid masks. The captive firmly tied his hands, and sealed his mouth.  Actually, such an absurd situation is offered to understand the main heroine of the thriller. Having freed her wrists from the rope knots, she has to get acquainted with other furniture items: a cot, an old TV set. There are ragged pages of glossy magazines, with a designated date on January 11, and time is 8.30. What she sees seems unconnected with anything and raises many questions. Later, unknown people appear and hint that the interior will help unravel the past life. She has to go through torment, remember what happened at that strange time. Events are exacerbated when she becomes aware of who is behind the next wall, Amanda's best friend.