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Real Time (2008) HD
Real Time (2008)
Year, country:
Randall Cole
Randy Quaid, Jay Baruchel, Jayne Eastwood
1h 30min
Small thief Connie Nikas, who decides to rob a small bank, and as a partner, takes with him a mentally retarded younger brother Nick. Successfully completing the attack, the brothers try to hide with a considerable amount, but at this moment in a bag with money explodes a special capsule with paint, as a result of which the car grave robbers gets into an accident. Randy Quaid and Jay Baruchel star in writer/director Randall Cole's comedic drama detailing the unique relationship between a compulsive gambler, and the coolly detached hit man assigned the task of taking him out. Andy (Baruchel) is an excitable gambler who has incurred one debt too many. When stoic hit man Reuban shows up to kill Andy, his target's initial reaction is disbelief. It soon becomes obvious that this is no joke, however, and now with less than sixty minutes to live the desperate Andy does his best to squeeze as much living into his final hour as possible. From one final session with a prostitute to a chance to get revenge on a former boss and a desperate search for a missing childhood toy, the bizarre series of final requests made by Andy prompt both the trigger man and his target to realize that there is more to their lives - and their current missions - than surface impressions would indicate.Soon the police arrest the younger, and the older brother is able to escape. Feeling at his own fault, Conni decides that he should not allow Nick to be in jail, because he simply can not survive there. Desiring to release her brother as soon as possible, our hero is trying to get money on bail, Nick fought with the inmates and was transferred to the hospital. Realizing that he had a great chance, Connie makes a decision to kidnap his brother from a medical facility, but everything goes completely different than he has conceived ...