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Gutterballs (2008)
Year, country:
Ryan Nicholson
Alastair Gamble, Mihola Terzic, Nathan Witte
1h 36min
Liza was considered a local beauty - a daring little girl was adored by her classmates, the guys considered a liberated girlfriend to be sexy. Many familiar teenagers dreamed of sleeping with Liza, considering potential sex the subject of a dispute. The beauty herself preferred the ugly kid Jamie.
Such a decision made many angry. Steve was going to invite Liza to meet, but after the surfaced sex with Jamie changed his mind. The angry guy decided to take revenge on both. He offered the former friend an interesting duel: bowling is a strong men's sport, he will solve misunderstandings by showing the true male. The two teams clashed. Identify the winner so quickly failed, so the company decided to temporarily interrupt. The next day, which gave the teenagers good weather, was the continuation of the competition. However, the game went in an unpleasant way: suddenly the participants began to die. A mysterious killer who hid his face with a funny mask skillfully used the setting of bowling, killing teenagers in unexpected ways. Trying to figure out who the maniac was and stop the crazy nutcase, the company found out the unpleasant news: last night Lisa was ruthlessly raped, completing a nasty act of brutal murder. Really someone avenges?