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Rip Tide (2017)
Year, country:
Rhiannon Bannenberg
Debby Ryan, Genevieve Hegney, Andrew Creer
1h 25min
Not always chosen convenient, leading to success the road is the only true. Eighteen-year-old resident of New York is a very successful, promising model and works in a popular agency, which allows to ensure a prosperous existence and some independence from parents. Soon, Kora begins to realize her future and the rest of her life to building a professional career related to the modeling business. Learning about the unjustified, frivolous reasoning of his young daughter, the frustrated mother arranges a real scandal, which led to an irreconcilable confrontation. Intrafamily conflict, which arose on the basis of lack of mutual understanding, inexplicably leaked to the press, causing complete excitement and increased attention to the talented model. To avoid unpleasant consequences caused by curiosity and tactlessness of journalists, and psycho-emotional pressure exerted by a domineering, intractable mother, the upset and angry Kora decides to flee the house. She collects things and flies to Australia, where she lives her own aunt, who joyfully met her niece. A spontaneous, unforeseen trip in advance forever changes the fate of the young beauty. On the sunny continent, surrounded by warm, friendly sea expanses, she will see completely different opportunities, will find new friends. Simple, open people will give a new acquaintance a great love for the ocean and indescribable freedom. She will reevaluate her former views of the world around her, find out the true price for simple, ordinary things that bring real pleasure and make people happy.