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Dude (2018) HD
Dude (2018)
Year, country:
Olivia Milch
Lucy Hale, Alexandra Shipp, Alex Wolff
1h 30min
Four high school students from an early age maintain a very close, friendly relationship, for many years have become almost related. During school, they were almost inseparable, telling any secrets, sharing doubts and difficulties that arise, providing mutual assistance. Young women do not represent existence far from girlfriends, because they always hoped for support in the most difficult situation.
The naughty heroines of the movie "Dude / Dude" 2018 online were absolutely sure that the girlfriends would come to the rescue of the first call without hesitation. However, graduation is approaching, after which childhood and adolescence will finally remain in the past, and a real adult life awaits ahead, which has prepared more serious trials and difficulties arising in the construction of a future fate. Two short weeks remain before parting with school and faithful friends. Watch free movie comedy, drama Dude 2018 online.
Teenage girls love to have fun, to have fun and carefree free time from school. They repeatedly used light, narcotic preparations to lift their spirits and applied to a bottle of alcohol. Now they are clearly aware that very soon the carefree, irresponsible pastime will end, giving way to a serious, adult routine.
The girls in the last days decide to break away, having experienced an incredible surge of emotions, memorable for a long period. They are convinced that they have every right to enjoy the outgoing childhood, because student life will not be so fun and simple, a lot of opportunities providing for spending time interesting. The saddest thing in anticipation of the approaching future is the lack of nearby beloved, close girlfriends.