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The Landlord (2017)
Year, country:
Daniel Ringey
Ted McGinley, Molly McCook, Jack Turner
1h 30min
Alicia chose a professional path associated with a comic, entertaining genre. She writes small, comic notes in the style of the stand-up and performs with them in specially designated places. But soon her life is filled with unpleasant events, which do not allow continuing her favorite activities. Now the fun and jokes go to the background, we have to fight for our own independence. An attractive, young, talented girl appeared too intrusive suitor, who requires special attention. A man of advanced years is a successful, wealthy entrepreneur. He owns a large residential complex, which brings a huge income, allowing to lead a luxurious existence and indulge unlimited caprice. The rich man believes that you can buy not only a thing, but also a person. The businessman maniacally falls in love with the charming, witty Alicia and begins to pursue it literally, achieving reciprocity by any means. An elderly man assures a potential passion that he feels exclusively paternal feelings for her and requires an affiliated love affair, intending to exert maximum efforts to gain confidence and reciprocal emotions. In a prudent girl, the unusual behavior of a strange admirer causes alertness and fear. She does not want to have any relationship with him, for fear of unforeseen, unpleasant consequences. To avoid hated attention and intrusive persecution, she decides to leave the city and move to the crowded Los Angeles, where the crowd of townspeople. An insistent gentleman finds a fugitive and again makes attempts to reunite, promising protection....