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Romeo & Juliet (2017) HD
Romeo & Juliet (2017)
Year, country:
Joel Petrie
Dallin Major, Devin Neff, Laurie Harrop-Purser
1h 41min
What will happen if you rewrite the old all known history in a new way?Unusually looking modern Verona, which in the memory of Shakespeare's fans looked completely different. But the film seems to say "real all-absorbing love is possible at all times and in any interpretations." Therefore, once the medieval town began to deafen the sounds of the car traffic, and all the members of the Capulety family became black, while the Montagues opposite. Such a director's move only emphasized the already thick original line of conflict between them. But the classic, like love, is durable. Without mind, young people in love, their warring families, and the rebellion of a deadly loving couple. Their parents did not see, or maybe they do not remember, such sincere and bright feelings, and therefore, by all means, decide to separate the young people. All prove that they are worthy of being happy, and the cruel game of their parents is not worth the candle. So will love win or, as in a certain story, the destructive power of conflict and irreconcilability erase both sides of the barricade from the face of the earth?