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Gremlin (2017) HD
Gremlin (2017)
Year, country:
Ryan Bellgardt
Adam Hampton, Kristy K. Boone, Catcher Stair
1h 30min
In the Thatcher's house, an unusual casket appears randomly, transforming their life into a monstrous nightmare. For some reason, someone threw a strange object containing a real evil. A small, menacing, unpredictable creature made the life of the household unbearably horrendous. People living in the house could not tolerate the horrors that were taking place. A supernatural creature daily quenched its own hunger, which occurs too often, killing innocent victims one by one. To get rid of the bloodthirsty Gremlin, there was only one way. He decides on a hard act - Gremlin gives an elderly mother. In the new shelter, the monster does not manage to do misfortunes, because an elderly lady, unaware of the danger, passes the magic object to a new owner who accidentally visited a good friend. Adam brings into his home an awesome thing, not knowing that he endangers the mortal danger of a large family. A starving monster seeks to quench its thirst with new victims. A man undertakes desperate, courageous actions to save small children from imminent death. He tries all possible, most incredible ways to destroy an insidious creature, but it resists the strongest physical influences. It can not be exterminated, it can only be transferred to other hands.