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Coffee with Ana (2017) HD
Coffee with Ana (2017)
Year, country:
Sean King
Alvaro Galvis, Tyson Jarvis, Camila Jurado
1h 12min
Prudish head of a successful, highly profitable company that is a monopoly supplier of expensive coffee in, is suddenly faced with unpleasant problems with non-regular partners providing the availability of necessary raw materials. The wise ruler sends his own, unhappy son to sultry Colombia. A naive young man, finding himself in an alien, exuberant exotic country, tries in vain to organize a saving meeting with local businessmen. However, an inexperienced young man, unexpectedly encounters complete rejection of the arrogant partners of a self-sufficient father. Weary of the painful boredom, expectantly awaiting the coveted miracle, the frustrated young man wanders through the dusty, hot streets of an unfamiliar city. Completely accidentally desperate hero gets acquainted with stranger Anna. Serendobolnaya beauty, failed mission of a newcomer, sympathetically tries to help the poor fellow in a very difficult enterprise.