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The Elf (2017)
Year, country:
Justin Price
Natassia Halabi, Gabriel Miller, Lassiter Holmes
1h 30min
Ordinary boy Nick recently experienced a personal tragedy. His beloved grandfather died, leaving the only grandson in his possession an old house and a nearby shop where all sorts of old and unusual toys are sold. Examining the store room, the boy finds an unusual doll of a fairy elf, on which an ancient curse is imposed. Nearby in the drawer of the table is a list, which lists the names of disobedient children who deserve punishment for their leprosy. After reading strange notes, he discovers in them the names of several members of his girl's family. This coincidence alarms and causes an inexplicable sense of impending adversity. He tries to find out the history of the appearance in the property of the deceased grandfather of an ominous kind of toy, and how it is related to a list of names composed by an unknown person and with what intent. Soon, to his own horror, Nick finds out that the ill-fated elf is in some way connected with otherworldly forces, representing a colossal danger for the listed people in the mystical list, directly related to subsequent events. There will come a time when an uncontrolled, all-powerful evil will break out and launch an unbroken chain of supernatural events that will inevitably lead to the monstrous deaths of all participants in strange events and unwitting, accidental witnesses who have been nearby. It is necessary to find a way to permanently get rid of the insidious, spiteful, powerful elf or to neutralize it, depriving the magical abilities provided by the inflicted curse many decades ago. To save a life for yourself and numerous, potential victims, you will have to overcome incredible difficulties.