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Sensitive Parts (2017)
Year, country:
Brendan Prost
Carolyn Yonge, Jennifer Kobelt, Sean Marshall Jr.
1h 9min
Delory is a young, impressionable girl, emotionally reacting to any manifestations of injustice. Recently, she met a wonderful guy, embodying her ideas about the ideal man. Now the young lady has acquired the feeling of absolute female happiness and balance of existence. Soon a girlfriend of childhood returns to town with whom they did not meet for very long and sought to make up for lost time. Now the feeling of joy became complete. Nearby was a loved one, providing reliable support and confidence in the future. On the other hand, there was a faithful, best friend who shared all impressions and emotions. The surrounding world was filled with new, bright colors. Every day brought only joyful incidents and memorable, unique moments. Once a clear sky clouded clouds of impartial truth, clarified unexpectedly. During the joint pastime of Delory, it becomes known that her boyfriend and an old friend had an intimate relationship in the past. Such betrayal on the part of close people inflicts an unhealed mental wound. A vulnerable, sensitive girl can not forgive a sneaky act committed in a distant youth. She is confused before the irreversibility of unpleasant circumstances. Her emotionality and impressionability do not allow the intellect and forgive the people for misconduct that occurred many years ago. If she does not cope with her own imbalance and hypersensitivity, she will finally destroy both long-standing friendship and acquired love. It will be necessary to exert incredible efforts to combat the paranoia that has developed.