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Speak Now (2016)
Year, country:
Melissa Vitello
Camila Banus, Nicole Bilderback, Chris Bouffard
1h 30min
Pre-wedding fever and subsequent beautiful, unforgettable celebrations are considered the happiest and most memorable period for all participants of planned, festive events. Particularly pleasant cares and all sorts of important preparations await young people, as bridesmaids of the chosen ones. Therefore, all the girls dream to visit sometime in this role in order to experience a sense of honor and self-importance in a serious event for close people. Nobody suspects that a unique, magical day in an instant turn into a nightmare, impartial memories of the honor of the title of girlfriend of the newlywed. Such an appointment may be an unforeseeable tragic misunderstanding. It was this awkward confluence of circumstances that had to be overcome by a pretty girl who turned out to be an unwitting hostage to an embarrassing situation. For her, a cheerful hen party, fitting an elegant outfit, a crowded banquet and other events appropriate to the moment became a difficult test. She had to fulfill the duties of a friend of the former boyfriend who was marrying at the wedding, watching his legitimate reunion with another woman. The unfortunate will have to randomly find out that a close friend who invited her to the marriage, perceived her always a close, frivolous pacifier, not deserving a serious relationship with the representatives of the stronger sex...