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Breathe (2017)
Year, country:
Andy Serkis
Andrew Garfield, Claire Foy, Hugh Bonneville
1h 58min
Charming handsome man with a lot of talent immediately captivates the heart of his future wife. A dazzling union admires random observers, but the couple refuses to indifferently enjoy the wealth of the house. Adventurous spirit attracts lovers to wander. Visiting the wild nature reserves, safaris, flights - it seems that the brave souls are given eternity for exciting wanderings. Soon, the only significant testament for Robin is the pleas of the "Breath" wife and medical recommendations. Poliomyelitis paralyzes the active wit and the gentleman. Entertainment is left behind, and the chamber with friends in misfortune - becomes the last resting place of the sufferer. He realizes that the lover will soon die in the abyss of boredom, rather than suffer from a small adventure. Armed with an innovative invention of a friend, a caring wife brings a special chair to the hospital. Surprised patients observe how a mischievous neighbor is transported home. Experts in medicine are convinced of the quick death of the ward, but a different scenario is prepared for stubborn dreamers. Perseverance and courage helps a married couple to make a revolution in medicine, fully rely on personal experience of fighting the disease.