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Favorites Dragon Crusaders (2011)

Dragon Crusaders (2011)
Year, country:
Mark Atkins
Dylan Jones, Cecily Fay, Feth Greenwood
1h 30min
Gloomy fairy medieval times, where dragons fly and ancient magic is strong. Evil wizards, who inspire fear with their charms, rule the world, and bloodthirsty sea robbers plunder people. The Templar detachment pursued by the royal soldiers gives battle to the bloodthirsty pirates, saving a peaceful settlement from plunder, in trouble. Pursuing the broken corsairs, the brave knights of the temple find themselves on a cursed ship. It is there that a captive of pirates is kept, a young nun-orphan, kidnapped from the monastery. The girl calls for a terrible spell. Anyone stepping on the deck of a pirate vessel, from now on becomes a monstrous monster. To overcome the curse, the bewitched templars need to kill the evil tyrant-wizard ruling the far-off northern country. This terrifying lord, whose name can not be referred to with impunity...