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Favorites Permission (2017)

Permission (2017)
Year, country:
Brian Crano
Rebecca Hall, Dan Stevens, Jason Sudeikis
1h 36min
Anna meets Will in school age. They must always be together. They experienced together the happiest, unforgettable life moments associated with the revival of the first true feeling, including kisses and sexual experiences acquired together. Years spent together, logically lead to taking a serious step. At the next birthday of a woman, a couple brings to the attention of others about their intention to conclude a legal marriage after a certain time. Relatives and friends congratulated the future newlyweds. A close friend, being aware of the monogamous preferences of friends, suggests making a variety of sexual experiences. They discuss an opportunity to experiment, having exchanged partners. Drunken talk caused a storm of laughter, but some thought about this prospect seriously. Anna could not get rid of the adventure offered to another. Will, after a moment's reflection, gives his consent. They find new partners and build relationships, based only on sex. Having experienced unfamiliar sensations, potential newlyweds share their impressions. They do not have jealousy or rejection of an unusual situation, everything happens too easily and freely, delivering mutual pleasure and the unexpected joy of freedom. Lovers frankly discuss the intimate details of meetings with lovers. But soon there is some tension and confusion in the truthfulness of actions, conversations and feelings that have completely changed...