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Favorites Amsterdam Heavy (2011)

Amsterdam Heavy (2011)
Year, country:
Michael Wright
Michael Madsen, Dorien Rose Duinker, Alison Carroll
1h 30min
The film takes place in the capital of the Netherlands. The protagonist of the picture is a cruel gangster, he was betrayed by people whom he most trusted. Now this man will stop at nothing to avenge and punish these traitors. Appearing in Amsterdam, he immediately starts looking for enemies, carrying everywhere only death and destruction, wherever he appeared. In the meantime, the city authorities are beginning to worry about the situation. Stop and punish the furious madman going to a CIA officer named Kil. He takes all possible and impossible measures to prevent severe bloodshed and restore the city and its residents long-awaited peace. Watch online movie "Gloomy Amsterdam" in good HD quality on our site, for free and without registration.