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Bad Meat (2011)
Year, country:
Lulu Jarmen
Mark Pellegrino, Elisabeth Harnois, Dave Franco
1h 32min
The action of this Canadian horror of 2011, shot by Lulu Jarman, unfolds in the summer camp. But, this is not an ordinary camp for the rest of children, this camp takes in its ranks only problem teenagers, in order to re-educate them and get rid of bad habits. The warders of this prison were not as simple as they seemed, they were just real sadyugi. But, it's still flowers ... The meat that fed the adolescents was spoiled and contagious. From its use in children there were transformations of a body, and they suddenly unbearably wanted human meat. Summer holidays in the camp are turned into a blood bath and a terrible crush in which the cannibals are given the main role to cannibals...