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The Changeover (2017) HD
The Changeover (2017)
Year, country:
Miranda Harcourt, Stuart McKenzie
Timothy Spall, Melanie Lynskey, Lucy Lawless
1h 35min
Lora Chant is a young girl who recently celebrated her own sixteenth birthday. She was born and lives in New Zealand with her mother together and younger brother Jaco. The poor family lives in poor slums, located near an old, long abandoned, dilapidated church. In a gloomy, secluded, uninhabited building, an evil demon has settled down, who has since started to show activity, bringing a lot of mischief to people living in the outskirts of the former religious temple. A horrible accomplice of the devil, for reasons incomprehensible, stopped his choice on a small brother and began daily to pump his life out of him, gaining increasing energy, allowing him to approach omnipotence in order to begin to commit terrible acts aimed at destroying helpless people who bring a lot of trouble. Every day the otherworldly monster becomes stronger and younger, and Jaco fades almost before his eyes. To help your beloved, the only brother comes a brave older sister, who has recently discovered unexpectedly the presence of superhuman abilities that allow him to resist a bloodthirsty monster. Now Laura needs to think carefully about further actions, soberly assessing the difficult situation. Effective way to deal with a demonic creature, an incredible endowed force and all sorts of special abilities that are not characteristic of a person, and therefore unpredictable. She needs to concentrate and understand how to use her own magical properties to save the dying boy and destroy the evil finally come from another world.