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Favorites Welcome the Stranger (2018)

Welcome the Stranger (2018)
Year, country:
Justin Kelly
Abbey Lee, Caleb Landry Jones, Riley Keough
1h 34min
Alice stopped all communication and family ties with her brother several years ago, guided by certain, unpleasant circumstances. From the moment of separation and destruction of the relationship, relatives never met, did not know anything about the destinies of each other, completely not interested in all sorts of events, significant changes. Once the girl decided to come to a close relative to make up and try to establish the previous relationship. Ethan lives in a spacious mansion, located in a suburban area, in a secluded place, almost completely isolated from the interference of others. It is here that the little sister arrives, intending to reach out for reconciliation, to begin life anew in the established quiet, conducive atmosphere for the building of a happy life. However, after the appearance of Alice in the house, inexplicable, frightening things begin to occur here. Strange, mystical phenomena occur exclusively within the boundaries of a stand-alone building. Having become acquainted with the strange girlfriend of her brother, who is distinguished by a mysterious, slightly inadequate behavior, the troubled sister understands that the new acquaintance has a certain psychological deviation causing paroxysmal attacks. Once in an unusual, tense situation, the girl experiences a small shock and a sense of apprehension over all sorts of oddities happening around. She constantly feared that something terrible would happen soon. Soon, household members will have to reconsider their own views on the surrounding reality, to determine definitively their position in life situation...