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Kenny (2017)
Year, country:
Stewart Sugg
Margaret Aspinall, John Barnes, Kelly Cates
1h 26min
The next day, after a terrible tragedy in Eisle, Kenny Dalglish became the manager of the Liverpool Football Club. Six years later, he withdrew his powers in the light of terrible events - the catastrophe in Hillsboro. In this seemingly not so long time our hero was able to collect a truly unique, one of the strongest and greatest football teams in the history! His career as a player and manager was quite rich and at times resembled real American roller coasters with their endless ups and downs and cool turns. The film tells the viewer not only about these, undoubtedly, important moments in his life, but also about Kenny as a rather difficult, interesting person. The film will show a portrait of a man outside the game, revealing him, first of all, as an amazing, strong personality, with lots of intimate, personal details. This person has become a true legend, sacrificing absolutely everything that he had, for the sake of his team, his family and his hometown ...