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Imitation Girl (2017)
Year, country:
Natasha Kermani
Lauren Ashley Carter, Neimah Djourabchi, Adam David Thompson
1h 24min
In the north-western desert region there is a fantastic, dramatic story that touched upon the fates of some people who became unwitting witnesses to an amazing incident. One day there was an unexplained, abnormal activity that led to unimaginable consequences. As if from nowhere, a strange girl appeared in the middle of a desert place. The unexpected circumstance caused a shocking effect on the shocked casual observers of the incident, the miraculous phenomenon of the stranger. She was in a human, unfamiliar and alien world from a parallel dimension, therefore, she was completely incapacitated to stay in the existing reality, to study a new atmosphere, to get acquainted with local inhabitants, to explore their way of life, which seems very unusual and mysterious to her. The difficult task was to learn how to own your own body, with its ability to get used to and functional abilities. It is necessary to fully understand the indisputable fact of its unconventional appearance in this world to the light and the imminent necessity here in an unusual way for many years to remain until the very old age. A stranger with great difficulty gets used to a new look and goes through a difficult period of adaptation, gradually becoming accustomed to the difficulties that have arisen. However, there is another problem that causes a serious psycho-emotional shock. She had to face her own twin, the existence of which was impossible to assume. She did not know how to respond properly to a similar situation, and began to figure out how to perceive this event in order to exclude further, unwanted misunderstandings.