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Roxanne Roxanne (2017)
Year, country:
Michael Larnell
Chanté Adams, Nia Long, Mahershala Ali
1h 40min
A talented teenage girl has innate musical abilities, so she is passionately engaged in hip-hop, trying to realize her own potential. Young Roxanne Shante lives with her three sisters and mother in a dysfunctional, poor neighborhood where criminal elements feel absolute impunity and are safely engaged in their own illegal activities. A fourteen-year-old at such an early age was able to achieve a certain level of popularity among fans of the existing talent. Living in a constant need and the hopeless grayness of difficult everyday life, she finds the only pleasant way of distraction in music lessons. Simultaneously, the usual, child's hobby soon becomes a good opportunity to earn enough money to ensure the normal existence of household members. Soon, with great efforts, purposefully achieving the task, the girl was able to record her own, musical album, in which the main hit was a wonderful, soulful song about revenge. Once hearing this record, listeners wanted to listen to the track once again several times, so this work starts to twist on various radio channels, which contributes to the rapid development of even greater popularity. The young performer almost instantly becomes famous, in demand by the person. Numerous journalists constantly take an interview from the newly-born star, trying to find out the motives that inspired Roxane to create a modern, melodic, attracting attention to the song. Now a talented pop singer has a real chance to arrange a happy future.