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The Stray (2017)
Year, country:
Mitch Davis
Michael Cassidy, Sarah Lancaster, Connor Corum
1h 32min
Sometimes in real life ordinary people experience incredible adventures, worthy of the attention of the masters of cinema, to give their attention to a wide range of viewers. It's just that some circumstances develop in a certain way, leading to a strange coincidence of a few randomities. Involved participants in an extraordinary history are ordinary citizens and a smart dog. The young father decides to spend time with his son in the wild on the nature. For this, he organizes a hiking trip to the picturesque, mountainous terrain of the foothills of Colorado. He collects a merry company from a pair of friends of a nine-year-old son and a beloved four-footed pet and goes on a journey. Boys perceive the idea with great enthusiasm, and the faithful dog is happy with any pastime next to the owners. A group of travelers safely travels to a beautiful place, located in the mountains, chooses a convenient place and a small camp is broken up for overnight. Unexpectedly, a thunderstorm opens and a strong lightning strike strikes the tent. A sudden accident leads to panic and unforeseen development events that actually happened. Begins unimaginable turmoil, in which the only adequate, not lost creature remains the dog. Unexplained, frightening phenomena begin to occur around. Then events begin to develop in an absolutely unexpected way. The tragedy that has been left indelible impresses all participants of the failed journey.