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Favorites Game Over, Man! (2018)

Game Over, Man! (2018)
Year, country:
Kyle Newacheck
Adam Devine, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson
1h 41min
Sometimes exorbitant bravery pushes people to commit completely insane acts, with a huge associated risk. Once in Los Angeles, a great, unprecedented and rampant crime is committed. Several bandits, dressed in costly suits and armed with firearms, make a sudden attack on the most elite hotel in the metropolis. Hundreds of influential, popular personalities and all kinds of celebrities are among the hostages, which are accurately kept under the barrel of loaded pistols. The trio of old friends who worked in a well-known institution by the waiters, this was time in the office buildings, so they avoided capturing hits and are in a safe place. They are sitting at the monitors, to the system of connected video surveillance, and for what is happening watching riots. Watch free movie action, comedy Game Over, Man! 2018 online. At first the friends decided not to show their presence and calmly wait for the arrival of the police, who will certainly arrive at the place of the raid to save the citizens. But their long, ineffectual expectation soon exhausted them. Guys, taking a fair amount of alcohol, backed by narcotic drugs, suggest that they are fully capable of independently taking effective measures to free hostages. They find weapons belonging to guards, and intend to use it against terrorists. However, there is a small tiff between them, leading to an accidental, spontaneous shootout, hardly tragedy that did not end. Having calmed down, having come to a common opinion, brave waiters descend into the lobby and arrange complete confusion. Thugs try to kill them, but to no avail.