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Favorites Father Figures (2017)

Father Figures (2017)
Year, country:
Lawrence Sher
Owen Wilson, Ed Helms, Glenn Close
1h 53min
The story of the Peter and Kyle. The Reynolds family consists of them and an eccentric mother who alone raised boys, telling their whole life the incredible story of their father. Apparently, she herself was tired of lying and one day confessed to her sons that she had invented everything, since she did not want to hurt them. But in fact she herself can not answer who their father is. In the process of the plot and its turns, the audience will have many inexplicable moments that need to be studied with special attention to detail. In terms of cast members, the film, of course, at its height, there were involved such famous personalities as Christophen Walken, Owen Wilson, Glenn Close. All of them incomparably and very sincerely play their roles, conveying the idea of the film and its main message. A light comedy without a hint of cruel turns or unpleasant scenes will allow to spend time in the company of charming heroes simply unforgettable. You will plunge into the world of fun adventures, enjoying every scene seen. Pity for the brothers, how to know, maybe your support will help them in their aspirations to restore the integrity of the family and find a parent. Watch movies online, without interruption to advertising and other conventions, distracting from the main purpose of viewing.