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The Visitor (2007) HD
The Visitor (2007)
Year, country:
Tom McCarthy
Richard Jenkins, Haaz Sleiman, Danai Gurira
1h 44min
The protagonist of the drama "The Visitor" (The Visitor) is heavily worried about his wife's death. He is a dull, professed economics professor. Even his favorite work is no longer fascinated by him. Not by his will, he goes to a scientific conference in New York. When Walter comes to his New York apartment, there's a surprise waiting for him. During his absence, the apartment was chosen by two illegal migrants: Syrian Tarek and a girl from Senegal - Zainab. This event has become a bright moment in the professor's boring life, and his entire agenda is fundamentally changing. Trying to save Tarek from deportation, he begins to struggle with the bureaucratic machine of migration services. From a quiet, imperceptible person he turns into a real wrestler. It wakes up long forgotten insolence, persistence and excitement to life. Two new friends not only help Walter survive the death of his wife, but also inspire a new life in him. The drama touches upon the actual topic of illegal migration, but there is no pathos, an exaggerated tragedy in it. The power of this film - in its realism, simplicity. There is not a single vulgar frame or a false saying. A thin, sad drama will remind you of how important it is to be kind to not only loved ones, but people who are accidentally found on the road.