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Immigration Game (2017)
Year, country:
Krystof Zlatnik
Mathis Landwehr, Denise Ankel, Katharina Sporrer
1h 36min
Europe is completely closed to receiving refugees from the Middle East. Only Germany offers such an opportunity for visitors. For the sake of the cherished citizenship, the arrived people must play in a very popular game called "Game for immigrants". Its essence was that refugees had to overcome a decent distance. Their goal is the famous Berlin TV Tower. Local people can hunt for unwanted subjects and kill them. For this they get points, and monetary rewards. The usual German citizen Joe, got into a real turmoil when he returned home to his car. He never made anyone bad, and tried to live, observing all the laws. But in this fateful evening, he accidentally kills one of the hunters who chased after arrivals. The Immigrant asked to hide him in the cabin, and the hero reluctantly agreed. But later that same fatal fatal happened. Joe now faces a great prison term, unless he agrees to participate in the game as a player.