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Favorites Wind Chill (2007)

Wind Chill (2007)
Year, country:
Gregory Jacobs
Emily Blunt, Ashton Holmes, Martin Donovan
1h 31min
The nameless main character of the movie "Ghosts" wants to spend time with her parents on vacation. She finds a fellow-traveler on the notice board, and they are sent together by car. The guy looks a little strange and nervous, however in the circumstances the student did not have much choice. The couple tries to cut off and gets into an accident: they meet them, blind heads, a big car has left. Once in a snowdrift with a leaking fuel tank, travelers hear a disappointing weather forecast on the radio. In addition, near the car from time to time there are frightening figures who do not respond to appeals and requests for help. The guy goes to the gas station, and the girl is attacked by some dark entity, but the satellite saves her. To top it off, heroes face an aggressive cop who also does not react to attempts to talk normally. The guy suffered at the time of the collision more than it seemed initially. Realizing that he may not live to see the morning, the girl decides to climb the phone pole and call for help ...