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The Titan (2018)
Year, country:
Lennart Ruff
Sam Worthington, Taylor Schilling, Tom Wilkinson
1h 37min
Centuries have passed and the earth's bowels have become scarce, now humanity is in a deplorable state and drags on practically beggarly existence, experiencing a large deficit of depleted natural resources. The soil on the surface has been exhausted to incredible results, that once provided food for the earthlings. Numerous rivers - sources of fresh water, suitable for consumption, have turned into barely noticeable brooks, insufficient for use for the survival of the entire population. The earth slowly and unavoidably dies, turning into a heavenly body not suitable for living in biological forms, becoming a huge lifeless desert. People are forced to limit food intake to a minimum possible, experiencing a constant feeling of hunger and unquenchable thirst. The governments of influential states unite their efforts to find a way out of the critical situation that threatens the complete extinction of the human race. State structures create a scientific laboratory to study the capabilities of the human body and create individuals that can exist in harsh conditions that have established on the planet. The first tests were carried out in experimental, specially equipped rooms over laboratory animals. After receiving persistent, positive results, it was suggested that several volunteers try the invented remedy on themselves. Among the few willing was the guy Rick. After the administration of the drug, the subject acquired unusual supernormal abilities that allowed him to perform incredible things, but soon began to manifest secondary, irreversible, horrific mutations.
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