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Black Water (2018) HD
Black Water (2018)
Year, country:
Pasha Patriki
Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Patrick Kilpatrick
1h 45min
Wheeler is an experienced special agent who has worked for many years on secret services. Almost all his life he is under cover and complete secrecy. The man is at a decent age, but his professional experience is much more valued than the unjustified, frivolous vigor of inexperienced fighters. This is especially important when there is a specific, difficult situation. The valuable employee gets in the next unpredictable alteration practically from the bed. At night, he falls asleep in his own bedroom, and wakes up on the submarine of the Central Intelligence Agency. It turns out that the submarine performs the functions of a specific prison, where state traitors are kept. Watch free movie action, drama Black Water 2018 online.A new prisoner in disbelief is interrogated by an unfamiliar military man, threatening him with a terrible physical punishment. The tugs underestimated the steadfastness and strength of the will of the most experienced militant. He calmly, without any emotion, without showing his reaction, suffers all sorts of threats and moral humiliation, trying to soberly assess the environment, to later find out the reasons for his imprisonment in strange casemates, which he had never heard before. Later, he learns that there are a few other people who are in captivity in this way. He gets acquainted with Marco. Their stories of falling into the dungeons are absolutely identical. Common misfortune leads to the emergence of a lasting friendship and the desire to escape from an underwater prison. Friends try not only to escape, but also to find out the truth of the groundless accusations, to restore their reputation and deal with the offenders. Perhaps they will be helped by an unknown beauty who suddenly appeared on the horizon.