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The Offerings (2015) HD
The Offerings (2015)
Year, country:
Danny Draven
Akiko Shima
1h 40min
When Jamie - the reporter girl - learns about what tragedy happened to her sister, she immediately decides to conduct a personal investigation to find out the truth about what happened. The main heroine of the "horror" "Gift" personally goes to Singapore, hoping to find out details about the death of her sister. Leaving Chicago, the girl could not imagine how much shocking information she eventually learns, and that her life will never be the same. Now the heroine is not the easiest period - she just passed the test for Huntington's disease, so the letter about Anna's suicide became for her a real shock. Once in Singapore, Jamie first went to the apartment of her relative, hoping to find there at least some evidence that clarifies the situation. The heroine can not believe that her sister could commit suicide, and in her thoughts she is supported only by Sam - Anna's husband, who already noticed a few oddities and mysteries. Together they will learn about the existence of an ancient demon using modern technology for a very specific purpose - the fulfillment of the old prophecy. It was this creature that seized the body of Anna and made her kill herself ... Will the heroes manage to cope with the demon, and what difficulties will fall to their lot?