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Favorites Scott and Sid (2018)

Scott and Sid (2018) HD
Scott and Sid (2018)
Year, country:
Scott Elliott, Sid Sadowskyj
Tom Blyth, Richard Mason, David Summer
1h 40min
Scott met for the first time with Sid as a teenager while attending high school. Looking at these guys with an outsider, it seems that the establishment of friendly relations between them is very unlikely, because they are completely different. Scott - an unbridled dreamer, intending to achieve any set goals, life goals. He will not stop before the difficulties, he will repulse anyone who has risen in the way of the ill-wishers. This is a vivid example of a restless, uncontrollable teenager who does not want to make friends among peers, who has some degree of estrangement, because he has great problems in communicating with foster parents who do not show special disposition towards their non-native son. His friend is an awkward, self-contained hermit, who desires attention and love. Sid at the behest of impartial circumstances lost his basic means of subsistence, so he has no opportunity to create entertainment and spend time with his friends aimlessly. After the appearance in the city of Scott, everything changes drastically, turning over the familiar world. A couple of inseparable friends decides to make a joint trip, establishing certain rules for the continued existence, which are going to be strictly adhered to rigorously. They have to trust and test their friendship for strength by going through many trials. Friends waiting for an incredible adventure, which began in the backyard of his native town and leads them to the advertising lights of Hollywood. On a difficult, long path leading to the intended goal, you will have to endure many hardships, go through doubts and uncertainty about the correctness of the decisions taken.