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Favorites Party Bus to Hell (2017)

Party Bus to Hell (2017)
Year, country:
Rolfe Kanefsky
Tara Reid, Sadie Katz, Devanny Pinn
1h 21min
Passenger bus, crowded with cheerful youth, goes to the city, where the festival will be popular, attracting masses of people. Young passengers are in high spirits, waiting for a fun pastime and a lot of unforgettable impressions, when communicating with new acquaintances. The road passing through the deserted countryside was quite long and could be too boring and monotonous, so the guys decided to diversify the upcoming trip with the use of alcoholic beverages. The fun was in full swing when the transport had to make an emergency stop in the middle of the desert. The environment looked ominous, involuntarily causing bad foreboding about the approaching danger. Fears were not accidental, suddenly something terrible began to happen. The careless youth is attacked by bloodthirsty monsters, turning a merry event into a monstrous nightmare. Bloody slaughter begins, as a result of which only seven children manage to survive. The bus is disabled, there is no possibility to leave the terrible place, we have to rely on our own ingenuity and some degree of luck, which allows us to get out of the terrible alteration alive. Inhuman monsters do not leave the surviving people alone, they continue to attack, appearing unexpectedly, trying to destroy all those who are in the ill-fated motor vehicle of potential victims. It becomes clear that the monsters have emerged from the other world is not accidental, for this, there must be good reasons, the elucidation of which will make it possible to get rid of the supernatural misfortune. There is no time for reflection, it is necessary to defend ourselves.