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Wildling (2018)
Year, country:
Fritz Böhm
Liv Tyler, Brad Dourif, Bel Powley
1h 32min
Dark secrets of the past rise to the light and turn the monsters life of a young girl in a severe nightmare nayavu.Pervye sixteen years of his life, Anna held in the forest, took care of his father who stabbed his daughter regularly unknown drug substance and hide from people. The only entertainment in isolation from the outside world for the growing girl was the fairy tales that her father regularly treated him, willingly telling about the ancient myths of the local wilderness, legends and beliefs about the monsters of the dense forest. Each story the man finished with another injection, which, in his words, is necessary so that the terrible does not happen. And then, in a short biography of the rogue civilization, dramatic changes have come. There were people who were horrified by the picture, rescued a 16-year-old girl from the captivity of a gloomy man, called her father, and opened the astonished gaze of a forest prisoner a huge modern world - a city, streets, tall houses, crowds and no drugs that are forcibly injected into the body poor child. However, following the initial shock from the big city and thanks to the rescuers who dragged the poor creature out of the clutches of the monstrous tyrant and forest thicket, it was realized that it was not without reason that the mysterious guardian kept Anna away from civilization. Something inside her wakes up, begs or even rushes to freedom, demanding immediate satisfaction of hunger and thirst. The thirst for blood and hunger for human flesh...