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Paterno (2018)
Year, country:
Barry Levinson
Al Pacino, Riley Keough, Annie Parisse
1h 45min
Joe Paterno was a professional athlete, who later became the best, legendary coach who is pursuing a football team at a prestigious college. His professional career in forty five long years was an incredibly triumphant, bringing more than four hundred points to his ward. By coincidence of certain, unpleasant circumstances, he is in the center of a loud, scandalous story, in Jerry Sanduska, in 2011, related to sexual violence. The unpleasant circumstance became fatal  for the elderly, respected person, irreparably changed the fate. After such a coaching career, a renowned professional was completely destroyed. His honest name has forever been disgraced by the public. You can watch Paterno Movie 2018 online in good quality free of charge without registration. The source of the conflict was Jerry Sandusky, who did not justify the trust of the main university trainer, who had to retire after a serious allegations against his chief assistant, suspected of spoiling minors, under his direct are leaders who were in a very difficult situation. The scandal broke out has received a huge resonance among the general public, casting doubt on the many-year legacy Paterno, which he built for decades with hard work and devotion to his favorite sport. The well-deserved, American trainer has to deal with the problem actions related to the institutional refusal, drawn up in relation to the alleged victims of criminal harassment by an adult mentor.