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Favorites The Watchman’s Canoe (2017)

The Watchman’s Canoe (2017)
Year, country:
Barri Chase
Adam Beach, Roger Willie, Carter Jon
1h 41min
The social system existing in 1969 differs from that in the modern world. Then there were several other moral principles and life priorities, there were more prejudices against some of the nationalities inhabiting our planet. A little girl, born of parents belonging to different nationalities, moves from an ordinary city together with her family to a reservation. Here, a child with mixed blood will have to undergo a difficult period of adaptation among peers, who are very wary and unfriendly towards newcomers. In a community where everyone is familiar with childhood, it is not easy to get used to and establish normal relationships for newcomers. It is incredibly difficult in such situations to have more vulnerable and vulnerable children who perceive change cautiously. Finding herself in a completely unfamiliar atmosphere, the girl begins to realize that she has a kind of innate gift. Between it and the surrounding, living nature, there is an invisible, inexplicable relationship that allows you to explain at a subconscious level with trees and other plants, understanding their strange language. Nobody takes such statements seriously, considering for the imagination of an unintelligent child who tries to surprise others in such a peculiar way. Only a local, elderly caretaker treats an unusual girl with understanding. He tries to help her realize the value of the present gift, accept the true destiny and learn to control her own emotions, directing in the right direction. Together they will have a spiritual journey in search of truth.