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Bent (2018) HD
Bent (2018)
Year, country:
Bobby Moresco (as Robert Moresco)
Karl Urban, Sofía Vergara, Andy Garcia
1h 36min
Danny Gallagher made his career as detective, investigating serious cases in the direction of drug control. This activity brought him fame, however, apparently, he crossed the road to serious people who are substituting him. During the next serious operation partner Danny dies, he is also accused of involvement in the murder. He can not be justified - the party was too serious and well-prepared - it is necessary to serve a sentence for an imperfect crime. The conclusion did not break the disgraced detective, coming to freedom, he is going to take revenge on his offenders. Watch free movie crime, thriller Bent 2018 online. Naturally, first of all, they need to be found. Gallagher begins to engage in private investigation, in parallel with the search of those who framed him, he manages to unravel the complex ball of crimes to which high officials have relations. Naturally, this can not but attract the attention of very serious people who are beginning to hunt for Danny. The situation becomes very tense, the detective goes to a hair's breadth from death and tries to have time to finish the business he started. The close ring that has arisen around it narrows and there are a lot of people in it trying to remove it.