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Lao shi (2016) HD
Lao shi (2016)
Year, country:
Johnny Ma
Gang Chen, Nai An, Hongwei Wang
1h 20min
A non-young Chinese already works for a long time as a taxi driver. He has to constantly lead a crazy fight with the mind-blowing Chinese traffic. An incredibly intense working rhythm creates a heavy, exhausting environment that does not allow proper rest. For the endless, monotonous, exhausting to the utter helplessness of working everyday life, a man does not see a completely surrounding life. The next shift in the taxis depicts a day filled with problems and trials of all kinds for strength and ability to get out of embarrassing situations. This professional activity is paid very modestly, not allowing to provide a decent financial position. Living on the verge of poverty, exhausted by hard work, a person can not afford to spend extra money on simple entertainment. The poor taxi driver barely breaks between salaries to survive on a meager income, which is enough only to starve not to die. Desperate people, sometimes forced to perform actions for them in order to improve the situation of loved ones, which became completely unbearable. They have to do undesirable things, overcoming their unwillingness to engage in such actions. One day he becomes an involuntary participant in an automobile accident, one injured after the injuries received in a coma runs into a state. Now, the grief-driver must pay all the expenses spent by the relatives of the victim for expensive treatment. The sums for the shocked taxi driver are absolutely unacceptable. He is in a desperate situation that provokes him to think about committing a murder. free movie online.