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Ayla (2017) HD
Ayla (2017)
Year, country:
Nicholas Wilder, Tristan Risk, Dee Wallace
1h 26min
In one family were brought up two children-weather. Between the brother and sister were very close, friendly relationships, they almost never parted, not representing a separate existence. However, there was a great tragedy, which deprived the life of the four-year-old Eil, who became a huge psychoemotional shock for the little brother, very dangerous for the child's fragile psyche. It took many years after the tragedy, the boy has matured for a long time, but still loves his beloved, died, his sister, unable to break off spiritual affection. The hero of the horror film "Ayla" 2018 online is constantly lacking its immediate presence, which would surely protect against committing numerous misconduct, helped to survive life's difficulties, prompted in difficult moments the right decisions that contribute to the attainment of the goals. Once Elton decides justice to restore and restore the harmonious existence lost many years ago. He intends to appeal to a powerful sorcerer with a request, to conduct a ritual that allows him to resurrect his dead sister. Several professional magicians, who possess the ancient knowledge of dark magic, conduct a gloomy ceremony, after which appears the matured Ayla. Now she looks like a thirty-year-old woman, not a small child, as her brother remembers. Meeting with a reborn relative in spite of expectations does not bring joy, because a man clearly realizes that he is facing a completely different person. Instead of a related relationship, an unbridled passion arises between them, leading to intimacy. From the other world was an evil, soulless creature, carrying terror .....